Waldegaard in Århus, Denmark.

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Waldegaard in Århus, Denmark.

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During last weekend we had Björn Waldegaard to race for the team at the temporary city track at Classic Race Aarhus, Denmark.

A few pictures was taken of Walle in a totally new track configured Porsche 911 ST. Besides winning the Half Hour race (Le Mans style) in the class as well as overall with the team driver Mads Jensen, he also won the 71-class. Even though he is 67, he still posses world class driving skills - the videos proves that!

Photos from the weekend:

Video: Qualification - setting the second best time.
http://www.youtube.com/user/jvoldby?fea ... fA5_F2iJ_A

Video: Losing gear knob, continues to drive, and puts the gear knob in his pocket. Cool!
http://www.youtube.com/user/jvoldby?fea ... 9Ovq16QIyg

Video: Walle is showing his talent and skills when the rain shower comes. He gets 20 seconds in front of everyone. Per lap that is! Just an amazing drive!
http://www.youtube.com/user/jvoldby?fea ... opg2L_0H3A

We will post more video of Walle the coming days, and if you would like to be updated please join our facebook page.

Already now I can reveal that Walle will be in Copenhagen, racing at the temporary city track at Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix (6.-7. August) for the team. Do we look forward to that?!

Post scriptum: I am new in this forum and do not own a Porsche, but I take care of media coverage for Team State of Art Historic Racing - the biggest and most visible classic Porsche racing team in Denmark.
I hope you will take good care of me in this forum :)
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