Diverse Vintage race parts, bla Weber 46 samt 906 insug.

Sveriges bästa plats att sälja delar till gamla Porschar. 911, 912, 914, m.fl.
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Magnus Sjöbo
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Diverse Vintage race parts, bla Weber 46 samt 906 insug.

Post by Magnus Sjöbo » Fri Jul 07, 2017 5:12 pm

Säljer för en kompis i USA's räkning. Vid köp kommer jag att bära med mig godset som bagage hem till Sverige.

För bilder, se:
https://www.dropbox.com/sh/3cre0su2yy4l ... HM43a?dl=0

MFI Pump 2.4 E (014) stored inside 35K miles
MFI Pump 2.2 E(015) W/2.7 RS 3 dimensional cam, aluminum housing Pacific FI)
Early 911 (set of 12) forged hard faced rockers with elephant foot adjusters & brass bushings
914/6 NOS oil cooler
914/6 Used oil cooler, checks clean and pressure tested
Floating Brake Hub, as new 934/935? titanium?
27mm 0231169001
30mm 0231169008
30mm 0231184001
930/911 New SC hydraulic cam chain tensioners
Qty 28 Exhaust asbestos gaskets 44.5mm OE
46 Weber carbs (early Italian) high speed secondary. Magnesium manifolds (OE tall) 46x44. Aluminum tall 46x39 OE manifolds, your choice
40 Weber early 3C - Rebuilt -Good Shafts
Complete RS/RSR 915 nose cone oil pump system with either remote cooling butterfly outlet or sprint cover for direct spray on R&P and gears. Includes new pump gears, spray bars, nozzles, pressure relief assembly & all small parts for complete assembly. Available with magnesium or aluminum housings.

Ärt det någon som är intresserad så maila till magnus.a@sydskane.nu..


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