3.2 ltr 911SC racing/sport motor säljes

Sveriges bästa plats att sälja delar till gamla Porschar. 911, 912, 914, m.fl.
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3.2 ltr 911SC racing/sport motor säljes

Post by 4142user » Tue Mar 27, 2018 4:41 pm

3.2 ltr Porsche engine.
Engine code no: 930.101 103/4 .4R.
1980 911 SC engine. 3.2 ltr Twin ignition, 11.5:1 compression ratio with “911 S – GE40” cams.
Engine fully renovated. Bearings, pistons, valves, cam shafts,cam drives etc – all new.
JE Pistons, 98 mm ( 3.2 ltr) 11.5:1 kompression.( Very light sports pistons).
Camshafts. 911 S 1972 equivalent ( GE 40 profile). Made by “Newman cams” UK.
Cylinders 98 mm bored and nickasiled by CAPRICORN engineering. ( link below).
Cylinder heads with MIRA cut seats, new guides/springs/ valves. Twin ignition.

Engine assembled by Rolf “Myggan” Nilsson, Tomelilla, Sweden.
Engine has, as can be seen twin ignition – twin ignition distributor not included.
Fan assembly/generator/starter motor not included.
More or less complete K- jetronic ( original) injection system, Original distributor, fly wheel, Engine shroud - ( not repainted) included. Misc other parts also included.
Several options for injection / carburetor / ignition solutions available for an engine like this. According specs on similar builds engine should give close to 280 - 300 hp ( 7000 rpms thanks to “S” cams). To achieve max hp 1971-1973 style exhaust should be fitted.
Please note – this engine will NOT run properly with original style K-Jetronic injection system- either carburetors or new injection system required.
capricorn GROUP
Speditionstraße 23
40221 Düsseldorf, German
All aluminium parts have been “vapour blasted” Very common in UK – not so much in Sweden. Surface looks almost painted on pictures but has only been cleaned and “preserved” oil and dirt will not stick at all to the surface. Engine will stay like this indefinitely more or less – not if used on salty roads etc of course. Job was done by Cox & Sons in UK – they do a lot of classic engine parts etc.
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Re: 3.2 ltr 911SC racing/sport motor säljes

Post by Johan h » Wed May 16, 2018 7:40 pm

What would the price be?

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